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Here you can find general informations about me.


I started with Youtube in 2020 since then my channel has grown alot. I started my channel with a lot of Minecraft videos but now i mostly stream Minecraft but upload videos about other games and hardware.

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My drive collection
Ssd Hdd
 240 gb  1 tb
 500 gb  1 tb
   256 mb
   128 gb
   4 tb
   4 tb

I know that i am addicted to saving files.

Liebeg with drives


You can either join my Discord server or write me a personal message at Discord(Liebeg)

Discord Server


Honestly i have no idea why you would want to check out my Github profile since all i have uploaded ther are some failed website projects and a .bat file wich should crash your Pc eventually by opening itself muliple times a second.

My Github


Yes you can write me an email aswell if you want.

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