Consoles i own at the moment.(Last updated on 31.12.2023)

Wii PS1 PS2 PS3 PC Retron 5 3DS

This is by far not all consoles i want to own.
For example i want to own an N64 so i can finally play Mario 64.
Another console that has been on my wishlist for quite some time not ist the Sega Dreamcast.
I really like the idea of the Vmu(Visual memory unit) and the design of the Dreamcast looks extremly stylish.
The biggest reason tho is that i want to play Crazy Taxi.

A Xbox would also be something i defintly want to have in my console collection on day.
Reason for that is that i already own some Xbox games. I mostly want to have an original Xbox.

Now to an interesting part of my console collection journy consoles i dont want to own.

And if you take a look at the list you will notice that i either don't like the lower end console options or that i hate digital only.