Changelog 30.03.2024

happy easter btw

*fixed two spelling mistakes in the game section
*added the video from the kuggs review (i should remember to make my mic louder next time)

Changelog 01.03.2024

Yes this is the 10. Changelog

*Created the FreetoUse site. Check it out here
*Theres also Schnitzel images for download and free use now. Here

Changelog 01.03.2024

*Fixed a spelling mistake in the last in the last Changelog since my t is brocken a little.
*Fixed the link to Coding.htmlsince i made a > on accident.

Changelog 21.02.2024

*Created a folder for all the images since it's starting to get messy
this should make no differnce in the user experience
*Updated the navigationbar one all the sub pages.

Changelog 17.02.2024

*I tried out so Css on the Why Site

Changelog 2.2.2024

*Moved the old Development site to codeprojects.html since i want to actually publish something there soon.

*Made a new coding site coding.html

Changelog 1.2.2024

*Added some meta tags because somebody told me they would be useful.

Changelog 29.1.2024

*Made Why? Check it out

Changelog 13.1.2024

*Added Changelog to the navigation bar.

Changelog 5.1.2024

*New Navigationbar instead of the default buttons

Changelog 28.12.2023

*Got rid of the old headther links and replaced them with proper buttons.
*Added the Development site for my coming projects. codeprojects.html
*Added the Changelog page(yes this site you are currently on) changes.html